Amy Henderson

This young woman wanted whiter straighter teeth and to get rid of the gap in the middle. As her teeth were in very good shape anyway, veneers were provided with minimal preparation i.e just a fraction of a millimetre was sanded from the fronts of her teeth prior to fitting the new ideal shape and colour porcelain veneers of ideal shape and colour.

Miss L

This young lady hated her yellow, stained teeth. Cosmetic porcelain veneers on her top teeth gave her back her confidence to smile.

Elizabeth Finney

“Before my treatment I felt self-conscious about my smile since visiting Apollonia, I’m happy to show off my teeth to everyone! The staff are all so helpful and friendly, something which is very comforting when you’re nervous about the treatment. I really looked forward to each appointment at Apollonia, I’m sure not many people can say that about their dentist! Thank you! I hope you’re all well. The teeth are still perfect!”

Elizabeth Finnie

Emma Lang

“I was about to get married so wanted to get my old veneers changed as they looked too yellow. When I went for my consultation with Dr Goddard she told me they were totally out of proportion and that I would benefit from a gum lift. To be honest, I was totally shocked and a bit scared as I’d never heard of it before. She explained that my veneers were wider than they were tall and so they looked a bit unnatural and un-cosmetic as well as being too thick. I trusted her and let her do the gum recontouring before she did my new shaped veneers. My teeth now look absolutely stunning and I’m so glad I took her expert advice. She really has an eye for perfection and now I’m always getting compliments about my smile. Thanks Melissa and all the team at Apollonia.”

Emma Lang

Brenda Clarke

“Melissa, what can I say about my treatment? You are an exceptional Dentist, you did everything I asked for and more, I really enjoy smiling now because of you and your staff. Thank you and Best Regards.”

Brenda Clarke

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