Smile Makeovers Testimonial

Linzi Cook

“I am delighted with my new smile, I cannot imagine going back to how I looked before I had my dental treatment done – now I can’t stop smiling!

Although the process took a while as I had so much work to be done, I really enjoyed my visits to Apollonia the staff are always laughing and having fun which made me feel at ease and weirdly I looked forward to my appointments with them!”

Linzi Cook


Bernadette Hodgeson

This lady was very embarrassed by her smile as some teeth were missing at the top and the lower ones were broken. She avoided smiling and laughing but finally plucked up the courage to do something about it.

We did metal-free crown and bridgework over two appointments and the patient is utterly delighted with her new smile.


Trisha Farrell

This lady had some very bad experiences with dentists from a young age. Most of her upper teeth at the back on both sides were extracted and she was never offered root canal treatment which could have saved them. Unfortunately, all that ill-advised tooth pulling had left Trisha with hardly any bone and a narrow upper arch.

It was a long treatment plan of two years, comprising bone grafting and sinus lift, multiple implant placement, gum recontouring of the upper front teeth, porcelain veneers on the top and new metal free crown and bridgework on the lowers. It was an extremely challenging case but the patient is happy and we are very proud of the results.


Sarah Sykes

Sarah hated showing her teeth and avoided smiling at all. She presented with a mixture of unsightly teeth in the wrong positions and some retained baby teeth, as the adult replacements had never developed. We extracted the milk teeth as they had no longevity and provided metal-free crown and bridgework to give the patient back her smile and confidence. She got a new job very soon after!


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