Minor Surgery

Gillian Johnson

Gillian Johnson had been a dental patient at Apollonia Dental & Cosmetic Centre for over ten years and at a routine checkup Dr Goddard noticed that a small skin tag on Miss Johnson’s eyelid had recently grown larger. She enquired if her patient would like to have it removed and she had done this procedure many times previously with her microsurgical skills and instruments.

Miss Johnson says “I had no idea that Melissa could do things like that! She used to be a hospital dentist doing oral surgery which I already knew, but it also included some facial plastic surgery. The skin tag on my eyelid was obviously unsightly but it also bothered me, but every time I blinked and was growing larger and encroaching on my eyelashes.

The procedure was done so gently and delicately and didn’t hurt at all- not even afterwards. I returned a week later to have the miniscule stitches removed and a week after that it had healed perfectly.”

Gillian Johnson


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