Jo Cleary

“Nobody was more afraid of the dentist than me. I have avoided it for years due to a really bad experience when I was a child and only went to get teeth pulled when they got really bad. However it got to the point where I was in pain, couldn’t eat and was ashamed of how they looked.

I went on the internet and found Apollonia’s website and plucked up the courage to call even though Liverpool is a 2 hour drive away. The way they answered the phone and the kindness and patience they showed in answering all of my questions made me feel confident enough to travel to see them for a free consultation. Dr Goddard put me at ease straight away with her warmth and compassion. She really listened to me and was so non-judgmental unlike other dentists in the past who made me feel really stupid.

My teeth where really bad and I had lots of abscesses so I decided to have a full set of new teeth fastened onto implants so I wouldn’t have to take them out. Because I was terrified it was arranged for me to have my treatment done under intra-venous sedation and she was amazing before I knew it I came round after what seemed like a few minutes and the surgery was done!

There was a bit of soreness afterwards but I just took ordinary painkillers for a couple of days and managed fine.

I feel really emotional thinking about how long I had suffered with my teeth when there are people like those at Apollonia who could of helped me years ago. Melissa and her team are total stars!

Please, please, please anyone out there DON’T BE SCARED – If I can do it you can and my new smile has totally changed my life and not to mention my confidence.”

Jo Cleary, Yorkshire


Giancarlo Bonfanti

This patient was assaulted one night in the city centre resulting in his upper front tooth being broken right across the root. This rendered the tooth unsavable so it was extracted and a single implant provided to replace it. A new crown was then fabricated to exactly match his upper teeth so that his implant tooth looked perfectly natural next to its neighbours.


Trisha Farrell

This lady had some very bad experiences with dentists from a young age. Most of her upper teeth at the back on both sides were extracted and she was never offered root canal treatment which could have saved them. Unfortunately, all that ill-advised tooth pulling had left Trisha with hardly any bone and a narrow upper arch.

It was a long treatment plan of two years, comprising bone grafting and sinus lift, multiple implant placement, gum recontouring of the upper front teeth, porcelain veneers on the top and new metal free crown and bridgework on the lowers. It was an extremely challenging case but the patient is happy and we are very proud of the results.


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