Headache Treatments

Fed up of being told “it is all in your mind?” Or “there is nothing wrong with you?”

Not many people know that often persistent recurrent headaches can be due to problem with the jaw joints, bite or tooth clenching or grinding. Here at Apollonia we have successfully treated many patients using our Headache Treatments via:

  • Balancing their bite with T-Scan computerized bite analysis
  • Splint Therapy
  • Orthodontics (braces to straighten teeth)
  • Botox to relax overly strong jaw muscles

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with headaches but migraines for the past ten years or so. After much debate with Melissa I decided to opt for Botox and it has been fantastic. I still suffer occasionally with a minor headache but can honestly say I haven’t had a full migraine in the two years since receiving the treatment from Melissa, plus I have a wrinkle free forehead, Thank you!!

Helen Wheddon, St Helens

Just a note to say a huge thanks for the existence of Botox. Basically I have had excruciating daily pain, immobility of my jaw joint and migraines for 13 years since I was assaulted. I was introduced by Liz a neighbour/friend as a “guinea pig trial” to Melissa. I honestly have never been happier meeting someone from the bottom of my heart! I went through my medical history and the treatment plan commenced straight away. For 10-15 minutes the needles are strategically inserted in primary areas and within days you feel them working. The needles are basically similar to acupuncture needles. Not only do they relax the problematic muscles but it also relaxes your frown and facial lines we all detest as we get older.

Honestly if you suffer pain and your daily life is restricted and making you miserable this is something you have to try before operational procedures. I cannot fault the N.H.S consultants who have tried to alleviate my pain, nor would it be fair to put in today’s climate “self help” is also the key. This is by far exceptional and I can back this up with solid evidence. I went to see the consultant last week and he confirmed:

Whilst my jaw will need replacing when I am older there was a distinct improvement of 8-10mm in my mouth opening-Major! In short, my Temporandibular injury puts immense strain on a variety of muscles in my head and face yet Botox works magically and outs these to sleep.

With deep sincerity I am ever so grateful to the staff at Apollonia and I am one happy customer who shouts about this procedure to anyone I can! What more can I say except forget my Christmas and birthday presents family, I will have money so I can afford to be pain free! In the nicest way. Nothing will stop me from carrying this on as it makes my life easier and pain free virtually, more importantly it is one less scar to my face instead of surgery.

I love it! If you suffer like I did this is what you need to have without delay. If you want to ask me anything drop me a line and I will tell you personally.


Thank you

Janine Doran

Halewood, Liverpool

If you are suffering with constant headaches that do not go away and reoccur, it is advisable that you visit our team for a proper analysis of your condition, where we can advise you on possible Headache Treatments. Constant headaches may be a sign that you have a health problem which needs to be diagnosed and treated.

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