Mrs E

This lady was really embarrassed by her teeth but was too scared to do anything about it for years. She had been having the bare minimum done for a long time until she started getting painful symptoms.

We extracted all the upper teeth and did some bone reshaping of the upper jaw to reduce any ‘goofy’ appearance, as we wanted to set the new upper teeth a lot further back than the originals. The patient is thrilled with the new outcome and especially likes the way it has improved the position of her lips, profile and smile


Mr O’Neill

“I was fed up seeing my husband’s chipped and broken false teeth. He didn’t seem to mind so much but I did! Our daughter was getting married and so I managed to get him to Dr Goddard’s surgery for some new cosmetic dentures as I didn’t want him spoiling the photographs. Everything went so smoothly and his new teeth are absolutely gorgeous. We all commented as how handsome and young his new teeth made him look! It has been quite a transformation.”

Mrs O’Neill


Anne McDonough

“I was really unhappy with my existing dentures. They were totally the wrong shape, size and uncomfortable as they didn’t fit properly. They made me look like Mr Ed (horse’s teeth)! I went for my treatment nervous, worried and a bit sceptical, especially after my last dental experience but everyone was so helpful and kind at Apollonia. From my first arrival and stepping into the reception the ladies were lovely right through to the treatments with Melissa, Paul Swanson and their dental nurses. I always felt completely at ease and the atmosphere was always friendly and relaxed. I was given the right treatment and advice and never felt under any pressure. Following the treatment I felt brilliant, I was more confident and I have what I always wanted dentures that stay in mouth without me worrying that they will fall out! I am delighted with the outcome of my treatment and I would recommend Apollonia to everyone who needs treatment. This is the best practice I have ever been to, thank you everyone but especially to Melissa Goddard.”

Anne McDonough, Liverpool


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