Crowns Testimonials

Diane Cottom

“I felt like my teeth were becoming more and more discoloured and I’d never liked the fact my top teeth were on a slant. Dr Goddard had treated a few people I know so I had no hesitation in letting her do my smile makeover. I had 10 metal-free cosmetic crowns on the top teeth and I am thrilled with the way they look now. Plus, the atmosphere is so warm, happy and friendly that I actually enjoyed my appointments.”

Diane Cottom


Emma Nicholson

“I have always hated the dentist, not because I was scared of them it was because I was embarrassed to show my teeth. I would never smile on pictures and always find a way to cover my mouth when I laughed. When I visited Apollonia the girls were all lovely especially Melissa who made me feel comfortable straight away. The treatment I received can only be described as perfect. I smile on every picture thanks to Melissa and her team. I would highly recommend Apollonia, thank you again for giving me my smile back.”

Emma Nicholson


Karen Johnson

This patient had a ‘smile makeover’ done abroad on her top teeth but was not happy with the results, plus her teeth had since become painful. When I examined her, the crown and bridgework was very thick and heavily backed with metal, plus mostly joined together in a few large segments instead of single teeth. This meant that the patient couldn’t floss and so her gums were getting inflamed and unhealthy.

We took off all the newly fitted restorations, settled the teeth down and provided new individual metal free crowns, to give a much more delicate and natural looking result.


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