Crowns and Bridgework

Bernadette Hodgeson

This lady was very embarrassed by her smile as some teeth were missing at the top and the lower ones were broken. She avoided smiling and laughing but finally plucked up the courage to do something about it.

We did metal-free crown and bridgework over two appointments and the patient is utterly delighted with her new smile.


Michelle Gerraghty

“Firstly I’d like to say how amazing all the staff are. They put me at ease from my first visit and I knew from the first consultation I’d found a dentist I was finally happy with. All people say this but I really do feel silly about how long I put it off with nerves!

I had always been conscious about my teeth and smile so to find Apollonia and the team I was for once excited about getting the smile id always wanted. And…I love to smile and have my photo taken although I admit I do need to keep my appointments up to mainstream my dream smile. If you want that photo perfect smile then do it! I highly recommend them!

Everyone at Apollonia was so nice and calm it puts you right at ease. So it’s a big thank you to all the staff and to Melissa Goddard.”

Michelle Geraghty, Anfield, Liverpool


George Fletcher

“I was referred to Apollonia with a dental problem I thought could not be resolved. I not only had the referral work done, but had a complete dental make-over for less that I was quoted elsewhere for just the referral work. Also, I had a less invasive procedure. The end result is amazing. Melissa and her team were very friendly and a good laugh!”

George Fletcher


Andrew Connell

“I’d been going to Melissa for yeas and just allowed her to patch up my old bridge which was always breaking and chipping. She kept advising me to have a new bridge and I finally relented and let her get on with it and it only took two visits. I am so glad I did. I’d never really bothered about my smile before but once I got my new bridgework I got loads of compliments about my smile. Melissa did such a great job that she told me that my case had been shortlisted for a smile makeover award! I just wish I’d done it a lot sooner.”

Andrew Connell


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