COVID-19 Update

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In England, the Chief Dental Officer has now announced that all English dental practices can begin the process of gradually returning to NHS and private dentistry from 8 June.

However, COVID-19 has not disappeared and so dentists have been advised to work in a way which ensures the health, safety and wellbeing of their patients and colleagues and to provide treatment only where it is safe for them to do so.

At Apollonia, we have a clear, phased plan that will get our practice open again as quickly and as safely as possible. There are three phases to our approach:

  • Phase I: Preparation – now until 15 June
    • All Urgent Care Centres to continue operating as they have done until now
    • No new appointments to be accepted from patients until directed otherwise
    • Intense activity to prepare for returning to dentistry, including the installation of additional safety equipment.
  • Phase II: Dentistry without aerosol-generating procedures (ie non AGP’s)– from 15 June
    • You will be referred to a practice operating as an Urgent Care Centre but not aerosol-generating procedures from 15 June. You will be triaged in order to access these according to current guidelines.
  • Phase III: Dentistry with aerosol-generating procedures – from 1 July
    • We aim to be open to patients for all face to face care, including aerosol-generating procedures, from 1 July.

You can watch a video explaining further from Dr Goddard HERE:

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