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Multi-Award winning, long established fully private practice on Rodney Street requires an outstanding person for Receptionist/Nursing role.

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5 Reasons to Wish Your Dentist Happy National Dentist Day!

From keeping you pain-free to telling the best jokes, we’re grateful for everything dentists do. Here are five reasons to thank your dentist on March 6, National Dentist Day.

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Lingual Braces at Apollonia-dcc

How Your Diet Affects Your Teeth


Our diets are one of the main reasons we encounter teeth problems. They are the second leading cause of tooth decay and a variety of illnesses – after poor oral hygiene routines. Today we are going to look at our diets, how they affect our teeth and what you can do to avoid these issues.

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Teeth Whitening: Behind the White Smiles


Teeth staining is one of the most common concerns people have with their teeth. The good news is that teeth staining isn’t usually a cause for health concern. The bad news is that 73% of people look for a nice smile as a determining factor in creating first impressions and in potential relationships.

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Young patient in dentist office, afraid of anesthetic injection

The ‘Dreaded’ Dentist

Techniques to stop your fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentist, or Odontophobia, is surprisingly common. In fact around 12% of the population suffer from severe dental anxiety – severe being defined as anxiety so serious it prevents them seeking dental treatments. Of the remainder a further 25% suffer from some form of anxiety before visiting the dentist – according to the British Dental Association.

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Non Surgical Nose

Would YOU have a non-surgical nose job?

Joanna Della-Ragione spent years feeling unhappy with the curve of her retrousse nose so when she found out about a procedure that could change her profile using just fillers, she jumped at the chance.

The 27-year-old from London signed up to have the non-surgical nose job offered by a top Los Angeles doctor, a procedure that takes less than 10 minutes and lasts for 18 months. Here she tells what is was like to undergo the procedure and how she really feels about her new nose… 

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What your TONGUE says about your health: Leading expert reveals the top causes of bad breath – including some toothpastes

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Childrens charity KIND celebrates it’s 40th Birthday Year!

KIND thanked Apollonia this week for our very kind donation of £260 towards their work with those less fortunate children and families from within our local community. This donation was very much appreciated by them and has helped to get their 40th birthday year off to a great start.

2015 will be a special year for KIND and they are hoping that with the support of donations from friends such as Apollonia they will have an amazing birthday year. Our donation will be used to fund the forthcoming two-week Easter Half term club and our team members will be visiting and talking to the children about healthy eating, dental hygiene and their oral health.

KIND are now working with a number of children who have newly arrived in the country and we’re all hoping that with our help KIND can continue to make a real difference.