Advanced Derma Pen

Dermal Rolling (microneedling) is technology based on the use of a small roller (Advanced Derma Pen) which has extremely thin needles on its surface. It is an effective, non-surgical solution to a number of skin problems such as wrinkles, scarring and ageing. It can be more effective than more abrasive treatments such as laser resurfacing or dermabrasion. The rollers go over the face and cause tiny channels to be made in the epidermis. This stimulates new natural collagen to create new and improved skin.

Dermapen-Before-and-AfterHow does Microneedling work?

A revolutionary roller which has around 200 microfine needles attached is used to cause minimal injury to the face and bring on collagen production. After the roller has caused tiny abrasions we then put a healing serum on the face for greater absorption and effect. The serum is thought to absorb as much as 1000 times more when used after the microneedling system. The treatment is also able to increase the density of the skin, more so than other resurfacing treatments. It can be used on the whole of the body and there is no pain or risk of complications.

What are the benefits of the treatment?

Microneedling rollers are innovative and extremely effective in treating problem skin conditions. They are able to perform as well as other treatments such as laser therapy by escalating the amount of collagen made with very little damage to the outer skin.

They are just as useful as other machine based treatments – but they are only a fraction of the cost and a great way of treating problem skin effectively and without spending a great deal of money.

Microneedling is also non-surgical and so recovery time will be a lot faster. There are no real risks and the treatment does not cause pain as the rollers are extremely kind on the skin. Other treatments such as laser treatment and dermabrasion can have side-effects such as swelling, redness and pain. The skin can heal itself in a matter of hours and results can be long-term.

Elaine Hulme was bothered by all the lines and creases in her lower cheeks, and didn’t feel anything could be done about them. She didn’t want to have surgery or anything to invasive. She discussed how we could improve things for her as she still wanted to look natural and not done.

We helped her by using dermal fillers to plump out the sagging tissues and soften the look of the creases.

Elaine says “I thought I would just have to live with the deep lines in my cheeks and avoided looking at myself in the mirror”. When Melissa used the Advanced Derma Pen it was really quick and expertly done and I could see a major difference straight away. The effect then continued to improve over the next few months. I was thrilled and have gone back every few months to keep up my new improved look.

Elaine Hulme

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